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Danny Goblyn’s Affinity Cyclone

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Danny is an up and coming rider from Bushwick, He recently made the transition to FGFS from riding track bikes and is picking it up fast! This kid is someone you should definitely keep an eye on!
Danny is also a bike courier, giving him the advantage of being on his bike 24/7!
Check out his Affinity Cyclone running dual 700’s.


Frame/Fork: Affinity Cyclone 2010/2011 Frameset
Headset: Chris king threadless headset
Stem: Premium Sub 10 V2 Stem
Bars: Fly Racing Aluminum Power Curve Bars
Seat post: Sadio Team Post
Wheelset: (Front) Velocity Deep V rim laced to an Origin 8 hub wrapped with a Vittoria Randonneur 700x 35c
(Rear) H+Son Formation Face Rim laced to a Philwood hub wrapped with a Vittoria Randonneur 700x 48c with 14t Dura Ace cog
Cranks: Profile No Boss
Sprocket: Profile Imperial 36t
Peds: Odyssey
Straps: HoldFast x Affinity
Grips: Diamonback
Cushion: Animal Cush Strip Pivotal Seat
Chain: Shadow Conspiracy Interlock 2 Chain

more NYC rider bike checks coming soon!

Rasheem Henry’s Def Wish

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Rasheem is an up and coming rider from Brooklyn NY.
Here is his All-City Def Wish running dual 700’s with the monster tires!


Frame/Fork: All City Def Wish/ Drop out fork
Stem: Orange Animal Jump off
Bars: All City Fuzzy Bars
Seat post: Billy Club piv.
Wheelset: (Front) unknown complete (qbp) wrapped GearX 2.2 tires
(Rear) Sadio Spark Hub fused to salsa semi 29’er disc rim. wrapped in specialized pro fast track 2.0 tires.
Cranks: Profile No Boss
Sprocket: Tree lite
Peds: Animal
Straps: HoldFast
Grips: Animal edwin (D best)
Cushion: Sadio fatboy GRIME ed.
Chain: Kool

Stay tuned, keep riding!

Specialized Hemisphere Tire – Product Review

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I recently purchased THIS tire for 10$
I’ve heard of people tricking on it before and the color was awesome, plus it was dirt cheap compared to the other tires i had in mind.
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Nick Lofaro’s Thrasher

Posted in bike check on 01/20/2012 by FGFSNYC

Nick Lofaro recently moved out here to NYC from Santa Monica. check out his thrasher running dual 700’s!


Frame: Volume thrasher v1 size medium
Fork: Volume fu manchu
Headset: Eastern
Stem: Profile acoustic
Bars: Volume v2 trickster
Grips: Fly Reuben
Cranks: Profile 165mm
Pedals: Odyssey Twisted PC
Pedal Straps: Hold Fast
Chainring / Sprocket: Profile 30t 12t Sadio cog
Chain: Shadow Conspiracy half link
Seatpost: Thomson elite
Saddle: Selle Italia turbo
Rims: Velocity Chukker 36h Black
Hubs: All City new sheriff 36h fix/fix
Spokes: DT Swiss laced 4xTires: Continental city contact 1.75 rear, Schwalbe big apple 2.0 front

More pictures of his build and Bike Checks coming soon!

Gap to Laceration

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This is horrible.

Wish you a fast recovery dude!
(video not from NYC but its to raw not to be posted)

original video posted here  by Matthew Spencer

Product Review: Sadio 420 bars!

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First things first, these bars are awesome!
They aren’t heavy and feel great!
They don’t feel cheap at all, you can tell they are high quality bars from the get.
The only thing i personally don’t like is the width, they seem to wide for my liking but that can be fixed with a little trimming.(some may find this as a positive)
I’ve only ridden them twice and so far Im in love with them, i will post a product review follow up once i really start riding these babies!
Great job Sadio!

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HOW TO install a hub guard on your p-fix

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This is the first installment of the HOW TO section of this blog, i plan to show all my readers how to install or modify anything they request or i find is needed.

First up is!

What you’ll need:
– a hacksaw with many blade replacements
– a vice grip or anything to hold down a bolt
– a p-fix rear hub
– a fbm 14mm hub guard (this tutorial is made for this hubguard)
– tools to remove and install your wheel and cone nuts

remove the cone from the non-driveside (you’re going to cut it down to the correct size)
and place it on your vice-grip or a surface were you can go to work on.
cut it right before the bolt shape ends.

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Joey Rojas’s P-Fix

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I snapped this photo about a week ago when i decided to go riding alone at 3am. As many of you know, NYC is an icebox right now but i managed to stay out for about 3 hours riding around the industrial area of my neighborhood.  Its getting painful to ride more than 20 minutes with the wind chills but i was bundled up and determined to ride. About an hour in, i decided to stop at a Dunkin Donuts to get some coffee and thats when i had the chance to take my camera out and take this.

Enjoy and keep shredding!

frame: small specialized p-fix
fork: specialized p-fix fork
stem: profile mulville push top load stem
bars: p-fix bars
grips: cult x vans grips
seatpost: primo pivotal
seat: animal strip seat
crank and bb: specialized p-fix stock
pedals: animal hamiltion pedals
straps: specialized p-fix straps (first thing i thought would have to be changed but holding up very well)
sprocket: Motostar design p-fix
rims: specialized p-series 36mm 36h
front hub: specialized p series female hub
rear hub: specialized 14mm hub
tires: front specialized 2.2 compound control tire/ rear specialized 1.95 hemisphere sport tire
ratio: 25:10

MTS FALL OFF 2011 | Mike Schmitt’s web profile

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Mike Schmitt really throws down in this Web Profile!

This Profile is really first blog post worthy! You cant go wrong with this! Mike Schmitt getting real grimy! Plus a portion of this profile was filmed in NYC!
check out THE GRIME  the originators of the 26″ fixed freestyle bike and the dudes in front of the game!