Product Review: Sadio 420 bars!

First things first, these bars are awesome!
They aren’t heavy and feel great!
They don’t feel cheap at all, you can tell they are high quality bars from the get.
The only thing i personally don’t like is the width, they seem to wide for my liking but that can be fixed with a little trimming.(some may find this as a positive)
I’ve only ridden them twice and so far Im in love with them, i will post a product review follow up once i really start riding these babies!
Great job Sadio!

Purchased these bars directly from The Grime but they are available and ready to ship at The Grime’s webstore.


2 Responses to “Product Review: Sadio 420 bars!”

  1. Clydefrog Says:

    i feel like the 420’s are the only four piece fgfs bars that aren’t ugly as shit

  2. ^yeah, i agree 1000% percent.

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