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WRAHW Welcomes Colin Foster

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WRAHW Welcomes Colin Foster from WRAHW on Vimeo.

WRAHW drops a sick vid filled with nice spots!
anything WRAHW posts is automatic here. great filming/editing/song selection.

Torey Thornton and Oscar Khan at the new Canarsie Skatepark

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Torey’s nose manny down the hubba was hella tight and Oscar messing around on the huge wall ride was amazing, That thing is as tall as me and literally vertical.
I wish i had stuck around the skatepark to watch all this, my tire blew up that day and decided to head home early. Great edit filmed on a vx, keeping it gritty and to the point!

stay tuned and keep riding!


MTS FALL OFF 2011 | Mike Schmitt’s web profile

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Mike Schmitt really throws down in this Web Profile!

This Profile is really first blog post worthy! You cant go wrong with this! Mike Schmitt getting real grimy! Plus a portion of this profile was filmed in NYC!
check out THE GRIME  the originators of the 26″ fixed freestyle bike and the dudes in front of the game!