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Zee Washington bike check

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check out Zee’s bike check on

Wednesday Night Fix

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Wednesday Night Fix

Most of us will now be meeting up on wednesday nights underneath the BQE for a weekly session.

be there by 630-7!

Cameron M Reno Bike Check

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Cameron was a local shredder from Greenpoint who is originally from Atlanta.
Cameron was down to roll anytime and would attempt huge obstacles.
Unfortunately Cameron moved back to Atlanta and i forgot to post his bike check. This is his Leader Pharaoh


Frame: Leader Pharaoh
Wheels: All-city hubs laced to sun ringle rims
Cranks: eighthinch crankset
Sprocket: profile
Seat: animal
Stem & bars: leader
Tires: maxxis
Fork: reaper fork

Seconda “ZEE” Washington one day edit

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Here is a one day edit of Zee Washington
glad he is progressing rapidly and filming whenever he can!
look out for more by him in the future.

Filmed and edited by: Frank Sebastion



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This is Still my favorite FGFS movie!

music/editing/tricks- best

WRAHW Welcomes Colin Foster

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WRAHW Welcomes Colin Foster from WRAHW on Vimeo.

WRAHW drops a sick vid filled with nice spots!
anything WRAHW posts is automatic here. great filming/editing/song selection.

Night Session

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went out tonight and met up with Zee, Danny, randy, jose and lucas
first time i went out with my camera this year. i will begin to post more frequently since i will be on summer vacation and NYC has more FGFS riders!

here are some shots

My camera has a smudge so all pics have a blemish on the left.. haha
 photo b23b75a0-bfe0-46b0-9736-44e665d210af.jpg
 photo f0e2e434-e2a1-4fa4-9f17-7cdaa3a940e9.jpg
Randy and Zee next to this awesome homeless man
 photo a334358f-9e72-45d2-b035-e068213940b2.jpg
Randy-nose fakey down the bank
 photo 0dee6a21-fb5d-4f4a-9c02-7b06750c6f76.jpg