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Torey Thornton and Oscar Khan at the new Canarsie Skatepark

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Torey’s nose manny down the hubba was hella tight and Oscar messing around on the huge wall ride was amazing, That thing is as tall as me and literally vertical.
I wish i had stuck around the skatepark to watch all this, my tire blew up that day and decided to head home early. Great edit filmed on a vx, keeping it gritty and to the point!

stay tuned and keep riding!



The Grime GHOST frame

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As many of you already know, a new Grime frame is in the works. Get ready for another game changer!
sizes 30, 37,47

The Grime 2012 G.O.A.T frame promo

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Shot this at my mock studio the first day i got my goat frame, The Song was a special request by Joe.
i think it fit well with the video aswell. lolol
Purchase your own G.O.A.T frame at The Grime

Stay tuned and Keep riding.

2012 G.O.A.T Frame

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I finally picked this Gem up yesterday after missing out on the first G.O.A.T release and, all i can say is WOW!
The new Matte Sulfur paint job is amazing and the rear end is SUPER beefy!
You can Purchase this beauty in matte sulfur or in matte carbon at THE GRIME.
Don’t sleep on this frame, it WILL sell out.

Here is one picture i took at my homemade studio. (my basement)
size small

Pictures of my setup and a couple of friends coming soon!
Stay tuned and keep riding!