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Destroy Holy 4.666 Handlebars

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Here is a picture heavy post,
I’ve been riding my Destroy bars for about 2 months now and they have been nothing short of amazing. I love the sweep and i constantly get love from every BMX’er/biker for the raw welds and holes on the crossbar. Im trying to keep this short so Hats off to you DESTROY , you’re providing the most solid/stylish bars on the market for the right price.(plus they are american made!)

Stay tuned and keep Riding!


Ed “Medicine Man” Wonka’s New Pro Handlebars.

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Specs from The Grime
“Ed Wonka Signature 2 piece bars are here. Made to take a beating but not ruin your wrists!
Fully Heat Treated Cr-Mo Tubing
4.9″ Rise
28.5″ Wide
“wrist saver” Sweep
Low Profile Corssbar Shape
22.2 knurled clamp area
Patented Crossbar shape
Black Gloss Powder Finish”

Pick up Your New Bars HERE at The Grime’s Webstore
Cant wait to get my hands on a set!